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I want to sell all this lot but I don't know what it is!!!! - UK Lip Service Addicts!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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I want to sell all this lot but I don't know what it is!!!! [Apr. 3rd, 2013|01:52 pm]
Buy it, flog it, love it!


[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

I had to have a really good sort out of my wardrobe ages ago and bagged loads of stuff up to sell, then kinda forgot about it... Now I REALLY do have to sell it all as I'm leaving the country for warmer climes soon! Goodbye England hello Italy :)

There's a fair bit of stuff under the cut, I'm not sure what all the names are and I'm hoping you guys can help me please!
I'm open to (reasonable) offers on everything, there are no prices listed, but please don't make ridiculously low offers that I'm just going to have to awkwardly say no to!

Thanks in advance :) <3

Size XL, Style 63-143, Cut 17004
 photo 074.jpg

Size L, Style 28-92, Cut 16591 (not sure if it's because i'm ridiculously tall, but think these are cropped, well, they are on me!
 photo 085.jpg

Size L, Style 46-179, Cut 13736
 photo 087.jpg

Size XL, Style 46-333, Cut 15746
 photo 078.jpg

Size 32, Style 28-219, Cut 20636
 photo 086.jpg

Size XL, Style 63-312, Cut 20078
 photo 092.jpg

Size XL, Style 46-468, Cut 18989
 photo 090.jpg

Size 32, Style and Cut label has faded so can't see what it is, sorry!
 photo 089.jpg

Size XXL, Style 46-517, Cut 20022
 photo 079.jpg

My camera has washed this out a bit, the pink is actually a lot stronger in real life.
Size L, Style 28-52 (i think, it's rather faded) Cut 11710
 photo 083.jpg

Size XL, Style46-358, Cut 16046
 photo 084.jpg

This is a Hot Topic for Lip Service skirt, if it's not ok to sell it on here please let me know and I will remove it.
Size XL, Style 46-164 HT, Cut 13263
 photo 091.jpg