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Clothing, Accessories, Footwear & Much Much More :) [May. 12th, 2013|12:17 pm]
Buy it, flog it, love it!


[Current Location |United Kingdom, England,City and Borough of Manchester, Longsight]

Lots of NEW items added including Black Milk, Jane Doe, Skin Two, Mico Couture, Irregular Choice, Dane, Maya Hansen, Versatile Fashions, Corsetry, Swears, Transmuters, Plastik Wrap, Cyberdog, Lip Service, Demonia, TUK, Darkus Corpse, Futurstate, Midnight Forge, Squeezy Corsets, Jeannie Nitro and loads more.

Items available for Both Men and Women.

I ship Worldwide, happy to consider offers and will do deals on multiple purchases. I also offer payment plans. All details/prices etc are located in the photo albums on my Facebook profile (ignore the mobile uploads album)

Clothing from UK6 all the way up to UK28
Footwear from UK3.5 up to UK11 and accessories inc hair pieces, dreads, fascinators, bags, belts, scarves and more!

If you don't like the price please make me an offer x

Over 600 items can be found in approximately 16 separate photo albums here on my Facebook profile:

Feel free to let peeps know they can add me as a friend :)

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